The wastewater treatment plant in Lyons, Colorado, is the community’s biggest energy consumer. As part of a community-wide upgrade of major municipal facilities, Tetra Tech provided a design that will result in a 20 percent reduction in the plant’s energy consumption. Honeywell Building Solutions, the prime consultant for the Town’s upgrade projects, retained Tetra Tech to be its owner’s representative and prepare a plan to upgrade the Lyons’ facility to provide nutrient removal while also reducing energy consumption.

Tetra Tech developed the process design for conversion from an inefficient plug-flow activated sludge system to a sequencing batch reactor system that will provide for ammonia, nitrate, and phosphorous removal. Use of more efficient blowers and biological nitrate reduction will achieve the 20 percent reduction in energy use. Our plan enabled the Town to secure $2 million dollars of zero percent loan financing to complete the project through a Colorado state loan program. Tetra Tech assisted Honeywell with permitting, loan acquisition, design-build proposal solicitation and review, and as-requested oversight during construction.

During the design development phase, a 500-year flood swept through the Town of Lyons, severely damaging the existing wastewater treatment plant. Tetra Tech developed an emergency action plan to get the plant back online despite the loss of major system components, including the headworks, ultraviolet disinfection facilities, and underground piping that included the effluent outfall line to the St. Vrain River. The state regulatory agency quickly approved the plan, and Honeywell and its selected general contractor implemented it. The plant was repaired, reconfigured, and ready for service six weeks to the day after the flood. The plant was restored to service before potable water and electricity service were restored and residents were allowed to re-occupy their homes and businesses.

The planned upgrade and the new permanent facilities are scheduled to be online in Fall 2015. See footage of the 500-year flood in Lyons, Colorado, below.