Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) released its 2020 "Emerging Technology & the Environmental Industry" publication. In this issue, Tetra Tech’s President, Dr. Leslie Shoemaker, discussed the growing demand for using innovation and new technologies in our projects and how Tetra Tech focuses on Leading with Science® to develop dynamic tools that address specific operational and business needs and create a social impact.

“The technologies we use are tailored to the specific conditions to ensure an optimal experience,” Dr. Shoemaker told EBJ. “We partner our local experts with technical specialists so that technology applications are adapted to local needs as well as specific conditions unique to each project and region.” More specifically, Dr. Shoemaker highlights two new technologies that bring Tetra Tech at the forefront of innovation: our electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability (eCDT) system and our Csoft® predictive control tool.

Tetra Tech is working with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) on their Oceans and Fisheries Partnership (Oceans) project and designed and implemented new technology to reduce illegal fishing and improve sustainability in Southeast Asia. The electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability (eCDT) system tracks every step of the seafood supply chain from bait to plate. The eCDT system uses a combination of GPS, Quick Response (QR) codes, and mobile phone technology to document seafood to ensure it was legally caught.

Tetra Tech’s award-winning, model-based Csoft control software is designed to improve the management of urban drainage systems and protect human health and the environment. This innovative software is used to manage water systems in several large cities in North America and Europe.

This issue of EBJ covers current deployment of innovative or disruptive technology by leading environmental industry players, forecasts key trends for the decade, and shares survey results on how innovative, disruptive, or cutting-edge technologies are being used for specific markets and services; the impacts that they are having; and how they will evolve in the next 10 years. EBJ also ranks what environmental industry executives think will be the most influential technologies in the 2020s.

Read the EBJ "Emerging Technology & the Environmental Industry" issue.

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