As part of Tetra Tech’s 2018 International Bike to Work Week (BTWW) Challenge, 678 riders from more than 56 teams around the world cycled to work, the highest participation of any BTWW Challenge to date.

As part of Tetra Tech’s Sustainability Program, the Company challenges employees to cycle to work for a week each May to promote sustainable transportation methods.

The 678 riders pedaled 42,835.8 kilometers (km) across Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Malawi, New Zealand, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Employee participation in Tetra Tech’s BTWW Challenge is part of the company’s sustainability goals for 2020, and participation in this year’s competition surpassed our goal of reaching 40 teams by 2020.

Many of our riders tried this sustainable method of commuting for the first time—including a whole team of new bike commuters! Our cyclists braved all types of inclement weather—hot, cold, wet, and even snowy—to participate in the challenge.

Tetra Tech’s 42,835.8 km means that our cyclists collectively saved about 5,038 liters (1,331 gallons) of gas and kept the equivalent of about 11.8 metric tons CO2e from being added to the atmosphere. The CO2e emission is the equivalent of what is produced by 2.5 passenger vehicles driven for one full year. Our cyclists collectively burned about 1,456,416 calories—the equivalent of 5,110 slices of pepperoni pizza.

“Wow … just wow! I never imagined that collectively we’d be able to ride more than 40,000 km for 2018!” said Kevin Axt, head of the BTWW Challenge committee. “I was excited to see all the new offices and locations that participated this year, as well as all the riders and teams who have joined in for multiple years.”

Congratulations and thank you to all the riders who helped reduce emissions, get fit, and build comradery in their offices and operations—and extra thanks to all the team captains who led the way!