Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cannot currently hold in-person public hearings or workshops. To maintain their project schedules and retain current resources, such as budget and staffing, the FAA selected Tetra Tech to develop a website and application that would reproduce the community meeting experience virtually.
The Virtual Town Hall (VTH) application includes animations of key project components, graphics, presentation boards with audio explanations, interactive mapping tools, and public comment forms. The application also includes an integrated web meeting component for the live public workshop and tools to manage the workshop. 

Our VTH application is designed as a content management system (CMS) that is configurable without the need to reprogram the application, providing customization options for clients. The application builds upon many existing tools and solutions Tetra Tech has previously developed, such as the airport reports and mapping CMS, allowing for rapid modification and enhancements to meet clients’ needs.

Tetra Tech and the FAA successfully completed the first week of virtual public workshops by reaching out to hundreds of people through this new platform and social media. Our team also is developing a second interactive front-end interface for the VTH application that will be part of a Version 2 release.