On March 22, 2017, Tetra Tech joins the global community in celebrating the 24th annual World Water Day. Tetra Tech is firmly committed to the World Water Day mission of taking action to address the global water crisis. Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. This year’s theme—Why Wastewater?—focuses on achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 target to reduce proportion of untreated wastewater by 50 percent and increase water recycling and safe reuse. Working closely with our clients and partners, Tetra Tech is helping bring clean water and improved sanitation to communities around the world.

According to the United Nations, more than 663 million people do not have a safe water supply close to home and more than 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation. Tetra Tech offers a full range of services to address water supply, water resources management, wastewater reduction, water security, and sanitation challenges in developing countries. Over the past 30 years, Tetra Tech’s International Development team has built its expertise in:

  • Improving water and sanitation service delivery and reform
  • Strengthening local capacity at municipal, institutional, and organizational levels
  • Building infrastructure, such as installing and maintaining clean water delivery systems
  • Administering education and behavior change programs
  • Mobilizing local finance and governance
  • Leading Water, Health, and Sanitation (WASH) programming
  • Improving water and sanitation service sustainability
  • Implementing innovative mobile evaluation technologies, such as our ePort tool

Reducing and reusing wastewater is a central component of our water work. To ensure the protection of this valuable resource, Tetra Tech leads with a sustainable, capacity-building approach that empowers local governments and communities to take ownership of water solutions. Tetra Tech’s integrated development work in the water sector has resulted in successful outcomes such as:

  • 30 years of water-related project experience in developing countries on 6 continents
  • Ranked #1 in Water for the 13th year in a row and ranked #4 in Sewer and Waste by Engineering News-Record
  • More than 2 million individuals benefitting from new or improved WASH services
  • $200 million in private/multilateral development bank WASH investment accessed or leveraged
  • 64,937 people with access to improved water supply and 117,336 people with improved water service under the Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA) program
  • 615,725 people served by 3,011 water wells constructed and 88,800 people served by 37 piped water schemes or reservoirs under the Afghanistan Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation (SWSS) program

This World Water Day, we are proud to share our dedication to solving the global water crisis. Learn more about our water resources and infrastructure services.