Tampa Bay Times reported that the City of Clearwater’s pioneering groundwater replenishment project has moved into the design phase. Tetra Tech will design the treatment facility for the project, which will be the first in Florida to inject highly purified, reclaimed water back into the local aquifer. Tetra Tech has supported the project since 2009, previously working with the City to complete desktop studies and a 12-month, pilot-scale demonstration testing program.

The year-long phase of pilot testing investigated the technical and financial viability of using a multibarrier, full advanced treatment process for purification of reclaimed water at a capacity of three million gallons per day. The pilot testing phase provided valuable operating experience and insights into the design and operation of purification and post-treatment processes. Tetra Tech’s services included data collection; review of system operations; troubleshooting; recommendations for operational adjustments and membrane cleanings; water quality sampling and monitoring; emerging constituent challenge testing; and support for the City’s public education and information program.

We are excited to be part of this innovative project designed to help increase the sustainability of a community’s water supply.

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