The use of motor vehicles is integral to Tetra Tech’s business, and the safe operation of these vehicles by our teams is a top priority. Our Health & Safety Vehicle Safety Program is designed to prevent injury and property damage resulting from motor vehicle incidents. We value each member of our team and want all to arrive safely to wherever their destinations may be.

When out on the Road

While conditions and hazards vary, some remain constant, so keeping your vehicle in proper working order is imperative. Safe driving begins with proper vehicle maintenance, which includes verifying fluids are topped off; tires are inflated to the correct pressure; and lights, seat belts, and horns are functioning properly. Also, confirm oil changes and tire rotations have been completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Technology May Be Your Safest Passenger

There are several free apps available that support safe driving. The AT&T DriveMode app will silence alerts, phone calls, and text messages and send out auto replies once your car hits 15 miles per hour. You also can sign up to receive alerts when this safe driving app is turned off or disabled by your teenage drivers.

Compete with your friends, family, and even drivers in your neighborhood to see who can drive the safest using the free EverDrive app. This app rates you on acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, and phone use. It then gives you a trip grade to compare with your pals’ scores.

Even the average smartphone includes a do not disturb setting that can be activated when you are driving. Activating this feature will notify anyone trying to contact you that you will respond when you get to where you are going safely. Several common driving navigation tools such as Google Maps or Waze display speed limits in areas where you are currently driving. Waze also displays your current speed as a real-time check to follow all speed limits.

Driving Internationally

Tetra Tech operates in developing countries where driving can present unique risks. For those driving internationally, we recommend logging onto the International SOS members site and search for travel safety tips by location along with the International Road Safety Pocket Guide.

Use Seat Belts

Wearing a seat belt is an essential step in a safe trip. You have a higher chance of being injured during a motor vehicle incident when not wearing a seat belt.

Exercise Patience

Many motor vehicle events are caused by impatient drivers who try to rush from one location to another. Always plan accordingly so you are not rushed for any trips you must take.

Adjust to Match Road Conditions and Weather

When the weather is less than perfect, such as rainy, snowy, or foggy, use extra precautions and be sure to prepare your vehicle for those conditions.