Throughout June, our employees displayed their commitment to being Safer and Stronger Together, making our 10th annual Safety Month a huge success. This month is a time to reinforce our Health & Safety practices that support a strong safety culture year-round. As we reflect on Safety Month, let’s look for ways to incorporate what we learned in our daily work and lives.

On June 1, 2010, Tetra Tech launched its first Safety Month campaign to promote an annual focused safety message as part of the company’s strong safety culture. Our Health & Safety leaders teamed up with the U.S. National Safety Council to provide employees with access to various safety tools and resources, and Tetra Tech’s Safety Month was born. Each Safety Month, we focus on weekly topics that promote various safety policies, tools, and resources.

This year, the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges to our safety efforts and required us to navigate our Health & Safety procedures in new ways. While our program has always supported the various types of work we perform, the rapid adjustments to our Health & Safety processes over the last few months have touched each of our 20,000 employees. During this pandemic, we decided to focus on topics such as emergency preparedness and engaging our employees in our safety culture.

Our 2020 Safer and Stronger Together campaign asked each of us to recognize how our actions and those of our colleagues have contributed to keeping our company, families, and communities safe and strong.

You can find employee safety photos and resources that we shared throughout the month on our social media profiles—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Also, check out the highlights below of our weekly themes: