Nik Sawhney is a project manager with Tetra Tech based in Pickering, Ontario. He supports projects that provide safe, clean, and reliable energy and works to help grow Tetra Tech’s business. Nik has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. We talked with Nik as part of our #TtInspires campaign celebrating the passion of Tetra Tech employees. Follow #TtInspires on social media for more stories.

What inspired you to get into that field of study?

Growing up, I had a strong passion for technology and solving problems. My desire to pursue an education in the field of engineering became evident at an early age. This was further cemented by strong academics in both the sciences and mathematics. The inspiration also comes from elders in my family who have been successful engineers in their respective careers.

Tetra Tech as an organization is contributing to making the world a better place through the projects being executed across various operating units internationally. It’s embedded in our mission statement!

What are some of the most inspirational projects you’ve worked on at Tetra Tech?

Most of my experience with the organization has been within the business development space for our nuclear division. In my role as proposal lead, I have been fortunate to gain up-front exposure to almost all projects being executed by the group. Over the last year, I have been part of a team responsible for securing a new client, and within a span of just twelve months, we have grown our initial $750,000 portfolio to more than $28 million. The journey has been both educational and inspirational. The support of my colleagues and managers has inspired me to undertake more challenging pursuits. More recently, I have assumed the role of project manager and am managing two programs that are new to our group.

What do you do outside of your work that makes a difference for today’s environment?

Our nuclear division is a strong advocate and supporter of our clients’ vision to provide a safe, clean, reliable, and cheap form of energy to the Province of Ontario. It follows naturally that working in this industry makes one mindful of the negative implications of environmental pollution. Some of the proactive measures I have taken to reduce my environmental footprint include switching to a hybrid (gas/electric) vehicle; conserving fuel and preventing unnecessary emissions by taking shorter car trips instead of multiple, longer trips; walking in place of driving, when possible; and shopping online if traveling to physical stores is not required. I also avoid the use of unnecessary plastic bottles and straws, have switched to energy-efficient lightbulbs throughout my home, and avoid switching on the lights when possible.

Are we making progress in creating a better world for ourselves?

We have our wings spread out over key areas such as water, environment, resource management, and energy, along with areas that would allow a better future such as infrastructure and international development services.