Nate Daugherty specializes in recruiting at Tetra Tech out of our office in Richfield, Ohio, which provides specialized construction services for the solid waste industry. His role is to recruit and retain talent for our drilling, construction, operations and maintenance, and geosynthetics divisions, which currently has approximately 300 employees. Nate graduated from Kent State University with a bachelor’s degree in History concentrating in U.S. History with a minor in Sociology. We talked with Nate as part of our #TtInspires campaign celebrating the passion of Tetra Tech employees. Follow #TtInspires on social media for more stories.

What inspired you to get into your field?

Initially, my original career path was to become a secondary teacher; however, after graduating college, I was offered an opportunity to pursue a career in recruiting and human resources. I’ve remained in this role for the past 15 years as I enjoy helping others better themselves through career development. Since joining Tetra Tech in October 2017 as a recruiter, I’ve been able to learn about different occupations that I would have never known about. In meeting and speaking with thousands of different people throughout my career, I have learned and grown both professionally and personally.

At Tetra Tech, I saw an opportunity to work for a great company that would allow me to expand my knowledge and advance my career. Prior to joining Tetra Tech, most of my recruiting background revolved around manufacturing, because Northeast Ohio is a big manufacturing area. I was interested in working with Tetra Tech for the large scope of environmental work and services the company provides—there are not many firms like it in this region. Working for a larger firm with diverse services, I have many opportunities to learn about the important work that the company performs.

I also learn new technologies that will help me become more effective in my role as a recruiter. If you are willing to learn and work hard, Tetra Tech provides you with opportunities to grow. In addition to recruitment, I am involved with other aspects of human resources. This includes working with managers to help employees be their best, and it is fulfilling.

What are some of the most inspirational projects you have worked on at Tetra Tech?

We have been working on expanding Tetra Tech’s presence in the local area. We partner with local colleges and universities to assist us in training our current employees and help them acquire any certifications they may need. We also partner with a local organization, Northeast Ohio Veterans (NEOVETS), that assists veterans in job placement and job services. This allows us to speak with veterans and assist them with finding employment. It is fulfilling to work with veterans to reintegrate into the private sector. Veterans have transferrable skills, and we’ve been impressed by the quality of talent that comes out of NEOVETS.

Though we may not always have employment opportunities at Tetra Tech that match their credentials, we try to assist veterans in any way possible, including performing mock interviews and providing feedback to help them with that part of the job process. It is all about helping one another.