Myriam Mathieu Cardinal joined Tetra Tech in 2020 as a junior engineering professional. After completing the fourth year of her degree, she is now considered a candidate for the engineering profession in electrical engineering specializing in advanced renewable energy technologies. Myriam stood out to our renewable energy recruiters during an event at Institut en génie de l’énergie électrique (IGEE or Institute for Electrical Power Engineering), in Montreal, Canada, where she demonstrated her talent, leadership, and passion for Leading with Science®. Since joining our renewable energy team, Myriam has used her knowledge and leadership on various Tetra Tech wind farm projects.

Passionate about science, she began her undergraduate studies at Collège de Maisonneuve (CEGEP) in applied science and then moved on to study electrical engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS or Superior Technology School), in Montreal. In addition to her innovative work on our power team, she also is working on her master's degree in renewable energy at ÉTS. She feels fortunate to be part of an organization that values and encourages its employees to continue their studies and expand their knowledge. We talked with Myriam as part of our #TtInspires campaign celebrating the passion of Tetra Tech employees. Follow #TtInspires on social media for more stories.

What inspired you to get into the electrical engineering field?

I have always loved science. Electricity and power strongly caught my attention, therefore out of curiosity I turned to electrical engineering as a profession.

When looking for a job, it was a priority for me to work in the field of renewable energy, to be part of a team that has resilience and sustainability at the heart of its large-scale projects. Working with new technologies and on alternative ways to generate power is what drives me!

So, looking for challenges that would enable me to increase my experience in renewable energy, I pursued a role at Tetra Tech. After meeting Tetra Tech associates at an IGEE event, we stayed in touch until I completed my degree. Now, this is exactly what I get to do in my role.

What is the most inspirational project you have worked on at Tetra Tech? 

Thus far during my time with Tetra Tech I have gotten involved in major clean power generation projects. Among other things, I am participating in the construction of a wind farm in my province, Québec. This wind farm project, upon completion, will provide more than 24 megawatts of clean power. I am proud to be part of such a project that aligns with my keen interest in the environment and renewable energy—a project that perfectly matches my values!

What do you do outside of your work that makes a difference for today’s environment?

I dedicate a lot of my time to promoting the integration of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It’s really important for me to motivate and support women in the field of applied sciences, because unfortunately there are too few of us studying engineering.

I also got involved with high school and CEGEP students to encourage their love of science. This allowed me to share my knowledge and passion. Tetra Tech can always count on me to support women and youth in STEM!

Are we making progress in creating a better world for ourselves?

I am blessed to be part of Tetra Tech, a company that shares my values and supports projects that improve the world. In my opinion, it is always easier to work for a company that has good values, which focuses on projects that contribute to a better society and promotes quality of life and well-being. I devoted myself to my studies, aiming at working in the field that fascinates me. I chose a profession specific to my values and these are supported by Tetra Tech.