At Tetra Tech, our employees are the foundation of our business and safety is a priority at all worksites. The company’s health and safety processes are vital and integral to our work.

While Tetra Tech expects safe performance of work throughout the year, we take the 30 days of June to promote safety awareness and employee participation in our Health & Safety program.

While most of our Safety Month activities are internally focused, we will tweet relevant safety tips for everyone for the month of June. Be a safety tweeter – help friends and family stay safe by retweeting! Follow @TetraTech to receive our safety tweets.

Throughout Safety Month, we are helping our employees renew their focus on safety in the following ways:

Helping Employees Be Prepared

In the northern hemisphere, our employees enter a season of heavy field work beginning in June. To bring special attention to safety topics as many employees head out to client sites, we highlight weekly safety themes on our intranet. We also provide related tools and resources employees can use to communicate and promote safe practices at their regular safety meetings. This year’s themes are slips and falls, employee wellness, emergency preparedness, and ergonomics.

Pledging to Make Safety a Priority

We are asking our employees to make a pledge to improve their safety practices in one or more of the following areas: workplace safety, safe driving, employee wellness, safe homes and communities, and employee health and wellness.

We have provided an online platform where employees can create a safety pledge that is personal, meaningful, written, and requires effort. These characteristics encourage commitment and a change in behavior. Employees who participate in this program are eligible for prizes.

Listening to Employee Opinions About Safety

At Tetra Tech, our employees are a voice for continuous improvement. During June, our employees will participate in an anonymous survey that gauges employee perception in five important areas of our Health & Safety program: leadership, hazard assessment and control, safety culture, communication, and employee training. Survey results will be used to align future safety initiatives.