Josh Kalena is Tetra Tech’s November 2020 Project Manager of the Month

Project managers (PM) are the face of Tetra Tech to every client and are the people who ensure that our project work is done to the highest standards of quality and fiscal discipline. Tetra Tech CEO Dan Batrack honors those who work at the highest level of excellence with our PM of the Month award.

"Josh embraces PM excellence and integrates that on his team."

Andrew Bolt, head of Tetra Tech’s environmental remediation program management group

Josh Kalena joined Tetra Tech’s Golden, Colorado, office as a construction manager in January of 2007, and grew to his current position as a PM for remediation services in our Louisville, Kentucky, office.

Josh has more than 30 years of combined experience in construction and project management in the United States and abroad. He holds various PM certifications from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Throughout his professional career, Josh has excelled in managing project scope, budgets, contract requirements, risks, and client satisfaction.

“Josh and his project team have focused on safety, quality, and client satisfaction with outstanding results,” said Andrew Bolt, head of Tetra Tech’s environmental remediation program management group. “The project has no recordable injuries, the third-party quality assurance company has complimented Josh numerous times about his high-quality work, and our clients have expressed high praise for Josh and his team. Josh embraces PM excellence and integrates that on his team. The project is forecasted to finish two months ahead of schedule. We are all very proud of Josh and his team.”

On each project he oversees, Josh holds a strong safety leadership role. From no recordable injuries, to quickly implementing Health & Safety protocols to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 on project sites, he uses best practices to protect his team. When implementing best practices, Josh understands the value of consulting subject matter experts for all areas of his projects. He often collaborates across the company, using our enterprise-wide resources to develop the best possible solutions for our clients. Additionally, he ensures that vendors and subcontractors are fully aware of Tetra Tech’s safety and project standards.

“To say that I’m grateful for this award is an understatement,” said Josh. “From excellent mentoring I receive from senior management to the work with my team in the field—construction managers, safety, and quality are all key parts of project success. I have phenomenal support from our group’s home office, as well as support from offices across the United States. Our client has been terrific to work for, highly valuing safety and quality. We've established a great working relationship that gives true meaning to a collaborative effort to finish a project. All these factors are reflected in this award.”

Join us in congratulating Josh on receiving the November 2020 PM of the Month award.