Date: December 8, 2019 – December 12, 2019
Location: ChampionsGate, Florida, United States

Learn and network with water industry professionals through technical sessions and workshops. More than 160 exhibitors will provide first-hand information on the latest developments to help your utility take actions to implement Florida's future. For more information, visit the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association (FSAWWA).

Engineering-News Record has ranked Tetra Tech #1 in Water for 16 years in a row. For more than 50 years, Tetra Tech has helped provide safe, abundant water supplies; effective treatment of stormwater and wastewater; flood control and restoration tools; and innovative watershed protection approaches to assess, protect, and restore our water bodies. Because Tetra Tech is involved in all phases of the water cycle, we use a truly integrated approach to manage our waters with a combination of state-of-the-art techniques and demonstrated best practices. Learn more about Tetra Tech’s drinking water services.

Conference Presentations

Tetra Tech is proud to be home to leading experts across the markets we serve. Our staff regularly share their knowledge by researching, presenting, and facilitating discussion on emerging topics in their fields.

Monday, December 9

9:30 a.m.

Session: 1C – Succession Planning - Getting Creative and Innovative to Keep Positions Filled
Title: Let's Talk About Me: Listening to Our Staff
Presenter: Emilie Moore

Tuesday, December 10

8:40 a.m.

Session: 3A – Water Quality 
Title: Is Our Copper Piping Going Down the Drain?
Presenters: James Christopher and Stephen Rousseau

1:40 p.m.

Session: 2B – Potable Reuse 
Title: Weathering the Storm: Keeping Your Lift Stations Clear in Emergency Conditions
Presenter: Jason Warren

2:30 p.m.

Session: 3B – Information to Build in Resiliency - SCADA Saves the Day 
Title: After the Assessment: A Practical Approach to Implementing Cybersecurity
Presenter: Bob George

3:30 p.m.

Session: 2B – Potable Reuse 
Title: Adaptation in the Face of Adversity: The Persistent Trend of Membranes in Water Reuse
Presenters: Jennifer Ribotti and James Christopher

4:00 p.m.

Session: 4B – Water Supply Planning Solutions 
Title: To the Aquifer and Beyond! A Path for Expanding the City of Port St. Lucie’s Water Supply Portfolio
Presenters: Andrea Netcher and James Christopher