In July 2015 Deepwater Wind will install five 1,500-ton wind turbine foundations off the coast of Rhode Island at the first offshore wind farm to be built in the United States. Tetra Tech will be onsite to provide environmental compliance monitoring during installation. We have supported the Block Island Wind Farm and associated Block Island Transmission System since 2010.

Located three miles southeast of Block Island, Rhode Island, this wind farm will be able to provide power for 17,000 homes starting in 2016. Our team has conducted the siting, permitting, and environmental evaluation required for the 30-megawatt wind farm. In consultation with multiple jurisdictional agencies, we completed a complex, intensive program of field studies including onshore and offshore avian and bat assessment; marine mammal, sea turtle, and fisheries impact assessments; air quality and emissions; in-air and underwater noise impact studies; and other assessments of project impacts.

We are honored to be part of such an innovative project that will be capable of providing a majority of Block Island’s electricity needs and providing an alternative energy source to the diesel-fired generators that are currently used to power Block Island.

Engineering News-Record recently highlighted this exciting milestone and the current progress of the project. Read the article.