eGlobalTech, A Tetra Tech Company (eGT), recently launched Auxilium, a high-end artificial intelligence (AI) solution. Auxilium is an open source chatbot solution that has a conversational interface and uses text or audio commands to answer internal and external stakeholder questions efficiently and effectively. This innovative and impactful tool can be used by both federal and commercial organizations that need help with resolving various use cases, from reducing repetitive help desk tasks to supporting web portal service functions and assisting with internal training.

Auxilium is a virtual agent that improves customer satisfaction by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and answers questions in milliseconds. Derived from the Latin word meaning “to help,” Auxilium provides a premier user experience and empowers our clients’ support teams to focus on higher-level tasks.

“Our chatbot is designed with the latest in machine learning and AI technology to troubleshoot questions while potentially reducing support teams’ workloads,” says Jesus Jackson, head of eGT Labs. “With Auxilium’s support, our clients’ employees can focus on the bigger picture."

Auxilium’s Key Features

Answers text and voice commands using robotic process automation (RPA)

Auxilium can identify intent and troubleshoot by asking follow-up questions to return the best answers, boosting your organization’s reputation. Auxilium also responds to voice commands, increasing access for all customers. The chatbot recognizes various phrasings of questions and provides the correct answer quickly through natural language processing and machine learning.

Monitors impact and efficiency

A customizable dashboard captures detailed analytics, including the most frequently asked questions, actual time saved by support teams, thorough visualizations that show customer activity, and the volume of questions asked throughout the month.

Leverages existing workflow

Auxilium works within existing workflow and natively integrates with Salesforce and Slack. Our team can customize Auxilium to work seamlessly with clients’ specific tools and workflow as needed.

To learn more about Auxilium’s capabilities, contact our eGT Labs team.