As Tetra Tech has grown and changed throughout the past 50 years, our reputation for superior technical excellence in our projects has remained constant. Each employee embodies this legacy, which is manifested in every project we complete. The sum of this experience defines us. While each of our 400 offices around the world is unique, we share a common culture—our Tetra Tech DNA.

Our 50th Anniversary series features our people discussing how they define Tetra Tech’s DNA. From one of our founders to recent college graduates and from the corporate headquarters to the field, our people use similar words to define our DNA: entrepreneurial, collaboration, family, solutions, people, passion, science, and technology.

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Defining Our DNA—What Makes Tetra Tech Unique?

How Does CEO Dan Batrack Define Tetra Tech's DNA?

How Does CEO Dan Batrack Define Tetra Tech’s DNA?

Discussing Tetra Tech’s entrepreneurial spirit, technical leadership, and the other values that make up our company’s common culture

Tetra Tech's DNA—Passion and Collaboration

Tetra Tech’s DNA—Passion and Collaboration

Celebrating the role of our employees’ passion for their projects as an enduring part of our company culture

Tetra Tech’s DNA—Solving Complex Problems

Tetra Tech’s DNA—Solving Complex Problems

Providing the highest level of technical expertise and dedication to resolve the unique challenges of each project

Tetra Tech's DNA—Our People

Tetra Tech’s DNA—Our People

Reflecting on the importance of our employees in creating a special company culture and continuing our legacy of excellence

Tetra Tech's DNA—Cutting-edge Solutions

Tetra Tech’s DNA—Cutting-edge Solutions

Providing cost-effective, innovative, and unique solutions to solve our clients’ most complex problems

Working Together

Tetra Tech's DNA—Working Together

Celebrating the value of teamwork and the collaboration that helps create innovative solutions for our clients’ most complex problems


Tetra Tech's DNA—Leadership

Discussing how employees' strong leadership skills and collaboration across the company result in the highest-quality work


Tetra Tech's DNA—Collaboration

Collaborating across the company to provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions to their complex problems

Spirit of Excellence

Tetra Tech's DNA—Spirit of Excellence

Reflecting on how our employees’ commitment to technical excellence defines our company

Tetra Tech's DNA—Science

Tetra Tech's DNA—Science

Discussing how our employees lead with science and the impact that it has on every aspect of our work

Our People and the Community

Tetra Tech's DNA—Our People and the Community

Celebrating the importance of our employees and how they help support our work and communities


Tetra Tech's DNA—Entrepreneurial

Hearing from one of Tetra Tech’s founders about our company’s unique traits and the legacy he helped create 50 years ago

50th Anniversary Compilation

Tetra Tech's DNA—Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Reflecting on what makes Tetra Tech unique and what inspires our employees to provide the best technical solutions