Tetra Tech Quebec announced that the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)—the body mandated by the government of Quebec to regulate the province's financial markets—has authorized Tetra Tech to sign contracts with public organizations. As of February 2, 2015, Tetra Tech QI Inc., Tetra Tech QB Inc., and Tetra Tech QE Inc. are listed in the AMF’s Register of Firms and Individuals Authorized to Practice. Respecting the rules of ethics is a continuous process and extremely important to Tetra Tech. The company has taken several actions to ensure compliance in the province of Quebec, including:

  • Adoption of a Code of Ethics at Tetra Tech Quebec and its subsidiaries
  • Creation of an Ethics Committee to supervise conduct
  • Appointment of an independent commissioner of ethics

These measures are additional to those already included in Tetra Tech’s Corporate Code of Conduct.

If you need additional information about ethics or wish to consult Tetra Tech Quebec’s Code of Ethics, visit the Commitment page of tetratechquebec.com/en/about-us/commitment/.