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Tetra Tech has a solid history of success in Montana, with a presence going back to the 1960s.

Tetra Tech has a solid history of success in Montana, with a presence going back to the 1960s. From our four Montana offices—in Billings, Bozeman, Helena, and Missoula—nearly 100 Tetra Tech technical specialists manage and execute projects across Montana and all of the western United States. These highly skilled professionals offer in-depth education and experience in environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing. They represent a powerful local resource providing clear solutions to complex problems in the water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, and energy markets. Backed by the global expertise of Tetra Tech’s 20,000 associates worldwide, we are Leading with Science® to provide successful solutions for our clients.




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The environmental scientists, engineers, and industrial hygiene personnel in Tetra Tech’s four Montana offices work collaboratively to provide a wide range of services to meet our client’s environmental consulting and engineering needs. We have experience with sites of all sizes that have been impacted by petroleum products and other hazardous substances, including commercial and industrial facilities, landfills, mines, and mill sites. We help clients address impacts on soil, sediment, wastes, surface water, groundwater, and ecological systems. We also provide a variety of industrial hygiene services, such as building materials assessments and air quality and noise evaluations.

Regulatory Coordination

From many years of experience with regulatory programs, Tetra Tech’s project managers and technical specialists understand the level of detail and quality that regulatory agencies expect. As liaisons, we help clients navigate these programs, work collaboratively to reach common ground, and develop sound and innovative solutions. We have successfully attained hundreds of document approvals and site closures through programs such as the following:

  • Voluntary cleanup programs
  • Brownfield program assessment and cleanup
  • State and Federal Superfund programs
  • Petroleum tank release programs
  • Solid and hazardous waste programs
  • Abandoned mine lands
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
Environmental Services
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments
  • Site investigations and remedial investigations
  • Remediation and cleanup planning and implementation
  • Site investigation, cleanup, reclamation, and closure of abandoned mines
  • Permitting, waste stream handling, and mine waste impoundment design and construction for active mines
  • Floodplain reclamation and stream restoration
  • Design, operation, and maintenance of remediation systems
  • Soil vapor intrusion assessment and remediation
  • Geochemical, groundwater, and hydraulic modeling
  • Geothermal and water supply development, water rights, water resources evaluation, and well permitting
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Municipal landfill gas and groundwater monitoring, landfill design, and compliance support
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans and pollution prevention permits
  • Spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans
  • Emergency spill response
  • Preparation of construction contract plans and specifications
  • Construction oversight and management
  • Biological, ecological, archaeological, and cultural resource studies
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • NEPA environmental impact statements and environmental assessments
  • Energy production baseline siting studies and permitting, including both carbon-based and renewable projects
Industrial Hygiene Services

Tetra Tech’s industrial hygiene group provides a wide variety of services across the western United States for private and public-sector clients, including but not limited to the following:

  • Asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold inspection and abatement oversight
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Noise surveys
  • Hazard assessment and biochemical inspections
  • Worker exposure monitoring and OSHA compliance monitoring
  • Facility audits and ventilation assessments

Tetra Tech has developed a reputation for high-quality and responsive geotechnical engineering. We use state-of-practice techniques to investigate, analyze, and develop recommendations and designs for subsurface issues, whether simple or complex. With multiple office locations and broad range of staff expertise in Montana, Tetra Tech is capable of achieving client needs cost-effectively and within project time schedules. We have full in-house capabilities to perform all aspects of field work, geophysical investigation, laboratory testing of soil and rock, design and analysis, construction management and inspection, and materials testing. Tetra Tech maintains licenses for several geotechnical engineering analysis and design software packages and emphasizes continuing education for our engineering staff to stay current on emerging discipline trends.

  • Soil and Foundation Investigations
  • Drilled Shaft and Pile Design
  • Load Testing of Piles
  • Soil and Rock Slope Stability Analysis
  • Landslide analyses and mitigation
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Geological Mapping and Reconnaissance
  • Expansive/collapsible soils analyses and mitigation
  • Seismic Traverses
  • Seismic and Liquefaction Evaluation
  • Subgrade and Foundation Stabilization
  • Soil and Rock Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Surface Impoundment Design
  • Ash Landfill Design
  • Earthen Dam Analysis and Design
  • Cutoff Wall Design
  • Geohazard Studies and Field Evaluation
  • Sinkhole and Subsidence Evaluation
  • Landslide Mapping and Evaluation
  • Retaining and Excavation Walls
  • Sheet Piles, Soil Nails, Tie-backs, etc.
  • Reinforced Earth Walls and Slopes
  • Rock Anchor Design
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE)
  • Ground Improvement Systems
  • Highway Embankments and Cut Slopes
  • Pavement Analysis
  • Pavement Mix Designs
  • Pavement Distress Surveys and Rehabilitation Design
  • Mechanistic and Empirical Pavement Design
  • Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) inadvertent returns analysis
  • Forensic and expert witness services

Tetra Tech offers engineering and testing services to confirm the quality of construction materials used in our clients’ projects. Tetra Tech’s engineering technicians are trained to provide documentation of construction materials and to monitor workmanship and material conformance to project specifications. Our involvement helps prevent deviations that can affect project quality or compromise project design. Tetra Tech’s materials scientists and technicians have experience with quality assurance and control of projects in a broad range of size and complexity, including airport terminals and runways, medical facilities, commercial developments, and state, county and municipal roads and trails.

Tetra Tech’s accredited laboratories have a wide range of equipment and facilities to support engineering design and construction quality control. These laboratories conduct testing for soil, rock, and construction materials and can perform common index tests or sophisticated triaxial shear, permeability and consolidation tests. Specialized testing for geosynthetic materials is also available. Technicians are certified by ACI, MDT, WAQTC, AWS and other appropriate agencies; they are also certified to safely operate a nuclear densometer. Field testing is performed using ASTM, AASHTO and other applicable specifications and guidelines. Qualified field and laboratory technicians have performed construction inspection and testing services as part of Tetra Tech’s AASHTO-accredited testing program since 2008.

  • Construction materials research
  • Materials specification writing consultation
  • HMA pavement design development and evaluation
  • Concrete mix design development and evaluation
  • Construction materials placement methods consultation
  • Review of technical procedures, personnel certifications, documents, and equipment calibrations
  • Aggregate source investigation
  • Soils and aggregate laboratory qualification testing
  • Advanced soil mechanics and geotechnical testing
  • Site grading and foundation earthwork testing
  • Asphalt observation and testing
  • Grout field properties and strength testing
  • Masonry field properties and strength testing
  • Concrete reinforcement placement inspection
  • Concrete field properties and strength testing
  • Structural steel inspection
  • Welding inspection and testing
  • Fireproofing inspection and testing
  • Post-tensioned concrete inspection
  • Concrete floor flatness testing
  • Epoxy and cast anchoring inspection for concrete
  • Concrete pavement flexural strength testing

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