Tetra Tech provided vapor intrusion mitigation and landfill closure and post-closure care services to support a brownfield redevelopment at a former ash landfill in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Located adjacent to the Hackensack River and a New Jersey Transit commuter station, this former Gallo Asphalt Landfill attracted a great deal of developer interest over the years. The current site redevelopment plan consists of 10 luxury residential high-rise buildings, with footprints of up to 200,000 square feet.

Tetra Tech supported our client by developing a subslab gas collection system with an integrated, spray-applied membrane layer to control the potential for vapor migration into the buildings. An innovative subslab monitoring system also was developed to satisfy New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s requirement to monitor for potential methane leaks through the membrane layer. Our Solid Waste Solutions team also accommodated for significant post-construction settlement and avoided placement of gas sensors in first-floor residential spaces.

Tetra Tech continues to provide design and construction oversight for additional proposed buildings, along with associated air and solid waste permitting and operations, maintenance, and monitoring (OM&M) services related to the subslab systems. Our team also assisted with the site’s brownfields grant, including evaluating functional equivalency of the construction for comparison to typical landfill closure.