Tetra Tech took over and completed civil and structural engineering design and permitting approvals for the 175-megawatt (MW) Skipjack Solar Center Project in Virginia.

Tetra Tech used our Leading with Science® approach to complete the civil and structural engineering redesigns for the Skipjack Solar Center Project. Tetra Tech’s experts developed innovative solutions to some of the complex challenges on the site.

“[Tetra Tech] successfully re-designed the project and beat the aggressive civil permit approval deadlines we’d set for all phases of the Skipjack Solar Center Project.”
Alex Sauser, AES Engineering Project Manager

The project was in mid-design when the client hired Tetra Tech, creating an aggressive schedule to complete the project by the client’s deadline. Our team was tasked with performing an in-depth review of the existing civil and structural designs to identify the deficiencies, omissions, errors, and fatal flaws. Tetra Tech made the necessary corrections, completed the site redesign, and ultimately obtained permit approval from the authority having jurisdiction.

Tetra Tech beat the client’s deadline by using our extensive engineering resources to complete the redesign activities and obtain the permit approvals.

Image courtesy of AES