Emerging Leaders Provide New Research and Tools to Fight Illegal Wildlife

Abstracts from USAID’s West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change program, July 2020.

Gender Issues in the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Sector

Brief by Tetra Tech’s Sabine Jiekak on addressing gender issues through the USAID Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Program, May 2020.

Champions of the Forest

Photo book by Tetra Tech’s Ufroz Ayyub of the USAID Indonesia LESTARI project, March 2020.

Climate Change, Land and Resource Governance, and Violent Extremism: Spotlight on the African Sahel

Examining the ways in which weak land and resource governance can drive violent extremism

Combating Illegal Fishing to Strengthen Maritime Security and Environmental Sustainability

Article by John Parks, Gina Green, et al., National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office’s Technical Bulletin, Vol. 13, March 2019

Taking Stock of the Status of Implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries: A Country-level Assessment Framework

Article by Catherine Courtney et al., Marine Policy Journal, December 2018

Institutional Integrity: An Essential Building Block of Sustainable Reform

Report by James Michel, October 2018

Information and Communication Technology for Community-led Total Sanitation: A Landscape Assessment

Landscape assessment prepared by Tetra Tech for review by the USAID/WASHPaLS Project, August 2018

Simulated Sensitivity of Urban Green Infrastructure Practices to Climate Change

Simulated Sensitivity of Urban Green Infrastructure Practices to Climate Change

Article by Saumya Sarkar and Jonathan B. Butcher et al., Earth Interactions, June 2018

Desk Review on Market-Based Rural Sanitation Development Programs

Report by the USAID/WASHPaLS Project, June 2018