Jessica Oakes, Infrastructure Program Management Expert

Tetra Tech’s Jessica Oakes Discusses International Infrastructure Program Management

Fostering economic growth through sustainable infrastructure and inclusive programming 

Debra Darby, Organics Recycling and Solid Waste Expert

Tetra Tech’s Debra Darby Discusses Sustainable Organics Solutions

Meeting our clients’ organics management and sustainability goals

Tim Michael, Quality Assurance Oversight Expert

Tetra Tech’s Tim Michael Discusses Quality Assurance Oversight for International Development Projects

Supporting our international development clients to deliver safe, sustainable, and compliant infrastructure projects

Colby Hoefar, Asset Management Expert

Tetra Tech’s Colby Hoefar Discusses Optimizing the Asset Life Cycle

Using the latest technology to support strategic real estate portfolio investment

Branko Primetica

Tetra Tech’s Branko Primetica Discusses the Importance of Integrating Security with Development and Operations

Integrating DevSecOps into your CI/CD pipeline for bigger resource savings, higher quality products, and a quicker deployment time

Jason J. Cook, Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Expert

Tetra Tech’s Jason J. Cook Discusses the Importance of Industrial Control System Cybersecurity

Leading with Science in highly available critical infrastructure systems

Dr. Sarah Richards, Geoenvironmental Engineering and PFAS Expert

Tetra Tech’s Dr. Sarah Richards Discusses Solutions to PFAS Chemical Contamination Problems

Leading with Science by managing legacy contamination at Australian Department of Defence sites

Vincent Holloway, Defense Information Technology Expert

Tetra Tech’s Vincent Holloway Discusses Advanced IT Solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense

Assisting defense clients solve their IT and cybersecurity challenges

Rod Rose, Bushfire Management Expert

Tetra Tech’s Rod Rose Discusses Wildfire Planning and Management

Keeping communities safe with strategic approaches to bushfire management in Australia

Craig Gianoli, Mission Critical Sector Expert

Tetra Tech’s Craig Gianoli Discusses Designing Secure Mission Critical Facilities

Offering innovative solutions that up the ante within the mission critical sector