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Salem Harbor Power Station Redevelopment


Tetra Tech is providing environmental consulting and permitting services for the demolition and redevelopment of the Salem Harbor Power Station in Salem, Massachusetts. Our client, New Jersey-based Footprint Power, plans to demolish the current coal-and-oil-fired 750 megawatt (MW) power plant and replace it with a cleaner burning 600 MW gas fired plant and additional commercial development on the 65-acre waterfront parcel.

Tetra Tech is managing federal, state, and local permitting efforts for the project, including submittals to the Federal Aviation Administration, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for Air Permits and Chapter 91 Waterways License and Variance, and the local Planning Board, Conservation Commission and Zoning Board.


Tetra Tech is also managing a range of environmental assessment and remediation services required under the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). Tetra Tech conducted environmental investigations at the site, including an assessment of historic releases of oil and hazardous materials, and development of plans for remediation of specific areas of concern and management of regulated materials during demolition and construction phases. We are now assisting with the demolition and construction phases of the project, including site/civil design relative to grading and drainage plans, site utilities plans, and erosion and sedimentation control plans.


The new 600 MW gas fired plant is expected to begin supplying energy to the New Eastern Massachusetts-Boston Region in 2016.


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