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Design Certification Support for New Nuclear Reactor Design

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) US-APWR is one of five new reactor designs in the design certification process with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


MHI contracted Tetra Tech Advent to support their design certification in the area of nuclear transient and accident analysis by preparing the Chapter 15 Transient and Accident Analysis documentation for their Design Control Document (DCD) in accordance with NRC regulatory guidance.


This project included the drafting the DCD Chapter 15 (and related topical reports), incorporating MHI technical information into presentations and licensing submittals, presenting the approach and results to the NRC and the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, and providing responses and meeting support for NRC Requests for Additional Information (RAIs). In addition to DCD Chapter 15 support, Tetra Tech supported the preparation of DCD content for the main steam line break containment mass and energy release presented in DCD Section, as well as licensing support for certain radiological analysis and radiological controls topics in DCD Chapters 11 and 12. Tetra Tech also reviewed and provided improvement suggestions on other chapters of the DCD.


Tetra Tech participated in weekly US-APWR Project status conference calls with the NRC following the application docketing. Tetra Tech is continuing to support MHI by developing reference Emergency Response Guidelines (ERGs), Standard Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs), and the associated background documents that will form the basis of plant-specific EOPs for US-APWR plants.




“[Tetra Tech] Advent’s success in developing the DCD, topical reports, English versions of computer code manuals, and licensing submittals is due to their understanding of the US Part 52 licensing process and their ability to work closely with MHI during the initial development of the documentation.”
—Hisanaga Takahashi, MHI Reactor Safety Engineering Department, Kobe, Japan


This approach greatly streamlined the flow of technical information into the necessary DCDs and produced documents that were ready for NRC review.


Services we delivered »

  • Nuclear transient and accident analysis
  • Reports
  • Licensing support
  • Regulatory interface


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