Tetra Tech is a leader in developing and implementing effective, sustainable solutions for complex, multisector water resources projects around the globe.

Our team provides interdisciplinary solutions to help our clients address social, institutional, economic, and environmental pressures affecting water resources management and use at transnational, national, and local levels. Tetra Tech’s approach helps ensure the enabling environment and human and institutional capacity are appropriate to meet global development challenges.

Through projects such as Okavango Integrated River Basin Management, Jordan Information Technology Master Plan, the West Africa Water Initiative, the Water Resources Integration Development Initiative (WARIDI) in Tanzania, and the global Sustainable Water Partnership, our team implements catalyzing activities that address water management concerns.

We provide scaled approaches to respond to issues including water resources governance; water use efficiency and demand management; climate change adaptation, transboundary, and shared watercourses; water rights and water allocation; information management for decision making; and water quality management.

Tetra Tech focuses on engaging communities through outreach and public awareness campaigns to assist demand-side management and proper use of resources. We incorporate socio-political considerations and emphasize community participation as a core tenant of sustainability within our technical approach. We develop and strengthen local institutions by working within existing institutional, regulatory, and legal frameworks to produce results and identify areas of improvement.

We have extensive experience in developing and applying tools for successful and cost-effective management of water and wastewater utilities and bulk suppliers of water resources in arid regions around the world. Our team has experience implementing programs that help reduce governance conflicts of interest, develop groundwater management frameworks, and amend regulations relevant to the enforcement and protection of water resources.

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