Tetra Tech offers a full range of services to address water and sanitation challenges in developing countries. From design and planning through implementation and monitoring, Tetra Tech works with donors, government agencies, and local partners to improve access to water and sanitation resources, services, and infrastructure.

Tetra Tech and its partners promote and advance best practices for provision of clean water, safe sanitation, and effective hygiene management. Our efforts support institutional strengthening of service providers, improve public health and economic growth, improving municipal service delivery, and promote resilient water resources management.

In addition to Tetra Tech’s architecture and engineering services, Tetra Tech focuses on the software required to ensure that the anticipated benefits of water and sanitation investments—from economic livelihoods to human and environmental health—are realized and are sustained. This requires careful attention to economic, social, environmental, institutional, and political aspects, which are integral to our three core practice areas described below.

Tetra Tech’s water and sanitation experts lend their support to projects that span the spectrum of global development issues through democracy and governance, land tenure and property rights, biodiversity, global climate change, agriculture, gender, and conflict mitigation.

Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

For 25 years, Tetra Tech has been a key player in the U.S. Agency for International Development’s WASH portfolio through our involvement in programs such as the Environmental Health Project and the Hygiene Improvement Project. Our experts’ thought leadership has contributed to transformation in the sector from a focus on hardware solutions to more holistic approaches that recognize that human behavior ultimately determines WASH outcomes.

The new focus recognizes that sustainability depends upon hardware, hygiene promotion and training, and an enabling environment. These interconnected programming streams are captured in the Hygiene Improvement Framework Tetra Tech developed that is now used globally as the platform for WASH programming. We also have been at the forefront of designing approaches, such as sanitation marketing, that foster innovative partnerships between governments, households, and the private sector to overcome the significant funding shortfalls that exist for water and sanitation programs.

Water Resources Management

Water resources management presents complex, multi-sectoral challenges that require interdisciplinary solutions. Tetra Tech supports activities that respond to the social, institutional, economic, and environmental pressures affecting management and use of surface and groundwater resources.

We seek to ensure that the enabling environment and human and institutional capacity are appropriate to meet the challenges. We provide scale-appropriate approaches to address issues including water resources governance, water use efficiency and demand management, adaptation to climate change, transboundary and shared water courses, water rights and water allocation among competing users and uses, information management for decision making, and water quality management.  Our work includes Okavango Integrated River Basin Management, Jordan Information Technology Master Plan, and the West Africa Water Initiative.

Infrastructure and Municipal Services

Tetra Tech blends expertise in governance, commercialization, finance, public-private partnerships, engineering, and economics to provide sustainable infrastructure and municipal services that meet the needs of the underserved urban poor and marginalized and vulnerable groups. We help establish the enabling environment that can make infrastructure and municipal services investments viable and long-term operation of the constructed infrastructure possible.

Much of our experience has been developed through projects in other technical sectors, including municipal governance projects, which often have substantial infrastructure components.  Our work includes Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa, Liberia Municipal Water Project, Northern Uganda Water Supply Services, and Ethiopia Health Infrastructure Project.

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