Tetra Tech’s Technology for Development (T4D) specialists design and implement scalable, sustainable, and demand-driven technological solutions to address complex development challenges around the world.

Tetra Tech works with local partners and uses cutting-edge technologies to connect people, build relationships, and increase access to vital information. Tetra Tech develops tools that help communities make data-driven decisions, strengthen value chains, improve access to land and clean water, increase economic growth, strengthen agricultural economies, and govern effectively.

Tetra Tech has more than 30 years of experience implementing innovative technological solutions across its programs in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. As early endorsers of the Principals for Digital Development, we develop locally appropriate, fit-for-purpose, collaborative solutions that result in measurable impacts. Tetra Tech staff support technology implementation and provide training to build local capacity.

Tetra Tech’s use of state-of-the-art science and technology is unparalleled in the field, from using tablets to collect household survey data to deploying drones to identify and map land and resources to connecting farmers with market prices through SMS messaging.

Technology Assessments

Tetra Tech’s T4D specialists have developed a Tech Assessments Toolkit to assist in the design and evaluation of technology interventions. Using this toolkit, our T4D team surveys the technology environment, users, and project objectives using various user-centered approaches to design an effective technology program. The team then carries out midpoint and endpoint assessments to judge effectiveness and make course corrections.

Data Collection and Analysis

Tetra Tech connects its clients with the most appropriate technology to make data collection simpler, including remote sensors, tablets, SMS, and improved scanning options. We also employ various tools to organize, manage, and visualize data collected over the course of a project, allowing project staff to easily track and report program data over time. By providing innovative ways to visualize data, we can effectively draw conclusions about the impact of our program activities, and adapt and mold our activities to meet the evolving needs of our beneficiaries, partners, and clients.

Geospatial Services

Using sophisticated geospatial technology, we can procure and process high-resolution satellite imagery that covers most of the globe. We also provide various mobile applications for mapping resources, land parcels, roads, and other geophysical assets. We select and procure the appropriate tools, configure surveys, and provide training and direct support for project and home office staff. Tetra Tech’s GIS experts also use tabular data to create rich maps that quickly convey complex information to colleagues, clients, and beneficiaries.


Tetra Tech has partners ready to build mobile applications using SMS, voice, and smartphone technologies. To fully integrate mobile components and technologies into our projects, we work with projects from concept through development and rollout to define the scope and assess the need, build, deploy, and provide ongoing maintenance for the best technologies and tools for each project.

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