The term rule of law embodies the basic principles of equal treatment of all people before the law, fairness, and effective guarantees of human rights. Tetra Tech has broad expertise in development and execution of programs to assist in the establishment of sound legal and regulatory frameworks, reform and restructuring of judicial institutions, strategic planning, court management, and enforcement of court decisions. In many countries, Tetra Tech has introduced modern management concepts, such as professional court administrators, with measurable and sustainable improvements in efficiency.

Sustainable Development

Tetra Tech achieves success in and sustainability of our programs around the world. By drawing on global best practices and adapting them to local realities, we are able to help government and civil society organizations develop appropriate solutions. We establish team-based approaches with the full participation of counterparts and foster communication among all stakeholders. This approach ensures the transferring of skills, strengthening of institutions, and continuation of benefits long after program completion.

Global Expertise

Tetra Tech works with a group of highly qualified institutions, consulting firms, and individuals in the United States and abroad. We regularly call upon our network of justice, public sector, and civil society organizations to lend expertise and personnel to our projects. Tetra Tech also relies on a large roster of senior consultants who have extensive experience in international development as well as direct experience in their professional fields.

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