Tetra Tech is providing restoration and upgrades to vital transportation, water, sanitation, and energy infrastructure efforts under the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) Municipal Infrastructure and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Housing Rehabilitation Project in Georgia.

Tetra Tech is monitoring current processes and practices, identifying and mitigating risk areas, and carrying out oversight and quality control efforts to ensure that municipal and infrastructure projects are implemented effectively and in accordance with U.S. and Georgian standards and regulations. USAID/Caucasus Office of Economic Growth is implementing this program through Georgia’s Municipal Development Fund (MDF).

Tetra Tech is assisting USAID/Georgia and its implementing partners in procurement management, engineering, environmental science, construction management, monitoring and inspection, and technical training. In addition to providing oversight for implementation of MDF’s USAID-funded infrastructure projects, Tetra Tech is strengthening MDF’s capacity and project recipients to help ensure long-term sustainability of project interventions.

The dual shocks of Georgia’s August 2008 conflict with Russia and the global economic downturn pose serious challenges to Georgia’s economic stability. The conflict, crisis, and subsequent slowdown in economic growth and foreign direct investment have placed a severe strain on Georgia’s national budget and its ability to finance core investments in critical regional development initiatives. Many years of decline in the quality, coverage, and maintenance of basic services including water supply, sewage, local roads, solid waste services, and irrigation systems have dramatically reduced Georgia’s quality of life in rural areas and constrained private sector growth. Such degradation and instances of conflict-related damage have caused constraints to the productive capacity and quality of life of many Georgians, including old and new IDP, the rural poor, and those directly or indirectly affected by the 2008 conflict.

The threefold Georgia Municipal Infrastructure Program mission strives to:

  • Upgrade municipal infrastructure including roads, bridges, drainage channels, water, and sanitation systems in targeted municipalities
  • Rehabilitate and construct irrigation channels to enhance agricultural production
  • Improve living conditions for IDP