Afghanistan’s infrastructure has not fully recovered from the devastation caused by the ravages of war, lack of regular maintenance, and scant investment in physical infrastructure. Under the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Afghanistan Engineering Support Program, Tetra Tech is providing ongoing technical support to the Afghanistan Office of Economic Growth and Infrastructure (OEGI) in the form of resident architecture-engineering services over a five-year period (2009 to 2014).

Tetra Tech works as an extension of OEGI providing subject experts in the transportation, vertical structures, energy, water, and sanitation sectors. We coordinate efforts with local authorities and support OEGI in developing architecture-engineering solutions; team with local national engineering firms to provide qualified Afghan engineers; and partner with Afghan universities to offer student internships and opportunities for faculty involvement.

Tetra Tech has deployed nearly 100 staff to Kabul since December 2009. Our in-country team has extensive, USAID-approved, reach-back support of over 350 staff ready for immediate response. Our services include overseeing project preplanning and programming phase services, design phase services, procurement phase services, construction phase services, commissioning services, testing services, claims services, and post-construction services. Specific activities have included:

  • Performing field surveys and geotechnical investigations
  • Evaluating existing facilities and infrastructure
  • Completing feasibility studies, economic evaluations, and cost estimates
  • Preparing and reviewing design documents
  • Preparing and implementing quality assurance and quality control plans
  • Recommending local means, methods, and materials for construction
  • Preparing requests for proposals, budgets, and bills of quantities
  • Prequalifying contractors and performing bid reviews
  • Monitoring and verifying infrastructure construction projects
  • Addressing personal safety through developing detailed security plans
  • Building capacity through mentoring local building trades and vendors

Tetra Tech has successfully delivered more than 150 projects to restore infrastructure throughout Afghanistan. We have also instituted a successful mentoring and training program to increase Afghan engineering and construction monitoring capabilities, training more than 30 Afghan personnel to date.


"Tetra Tech “provided great work in a timely manner . . . exactly what was needed." —Mr. William Innes, Technical POC, USAID Office of Infrastructure