The Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) identified access to a clean and safe water supply and adequate sanitation, drainage, and solid waste management in Lusaka as key priorities in their economic development. The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has been working with GRZ to achieve these goals since becoming eligible for assistance in 2008. On behalf of the MCC, under a contract with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tetra Tech assisted GRZ by completing a sanitation master plan, an investment plan for sanitation improvements, a resettlement policy framework (RPF), and a resettlement action plan (RAP).

To address physical and economic displacement of households and commercial establishments affected by the route of construction for the infrastructure improvements, the MCC retained Tetra Tech to prepare a RPF and a RAP to allow those affected to continue their same standard of living or better during construction activities. The RAP includes the entire compensation package available for the various situations of those affected, a detailed budget, compensation methods, and grievance mechanisms to support proposed infrastructure improvements in Lusaka. The RAP will serve as the basis for implementing resettlement compensation and restoring livelihoods for those affected.

Representatives from the MCC review team and the Millennium Challenge Account praised Tetra Tech’s successful RAP submission noting that, “Tetra Tech is to be congratulated on a comprehensive and coherent RAP. Gender is extremely well integrated, and in this respect the RAP sets the standard for future MCC RAPs…”


  • Developed options for expanding and rehabilitating sanitary sewers and wastewater treatment plants, and improvements for on-site sanitary systems
  • Optimized sanitation, water, and drainage improvements to maximize economic development
  • Mobilized a field team within one week from notice to proceed; produced findings within three months from notice to proceed
  • Project will help promote equity in service provision, support economic growth, and reduce poverty