Tetra Tech is working with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to look at the intersection of securing rights to natural resources and advancing climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. Interventions that strengthen resource tenure and the governance of property rights can help to reduce vulnerability and increase the resilience of people, places, and livelihoods in the face of climate change. They can also promote resource use practices that achieve mitigation and development objectives.

USAID’s Tenure and Global Climate Change (TGCC) program, launched in 2013, is a five-year project aimed at identifying and testing models that strengthen resource tenure governance and increase the effectiveness of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. Through TGCC, Tetra Tech is looking at a number of related questions through case studies, analyses and field work around the world.

We are testing the hypothesis that tenure security is a necessary prerequisite for farmers to invest time and energy into climate-smart agricultural (CSA) practices. We are also working with local partners to implement activities to strengthen farmers’ tenure, enhance land management rules, and provide training and inputs for CSA practices like agroforestry.

We are providing support to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility by carrying out a tenure and resource law evaluation.

We are providing technical assistance to the government to develop a National Land Use Policy, including support for policy drafting and consultations on the draft policy. The project is expected to provide support to pilot activities on land and resource rights.

Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama
We have carried out a regional resource tenure and sustainable landscape assessment across these countries.

Global activities
With Michigan State University, we have researched and published a literature review and white paper looking at the empirical evidence linking devolved land tenure and the achievement of biophysical forest management objectives. The TGCC project is also developing a global primer on devolved marine resource tenure rights and small-scale fisheries, and their relationship with biodiversity conservation and adaptation.