MSI, A Tetra Tech Company, is currently assisting the Government of Ukraine to empower key government institutions to fight corruption, build public support for and engagement in anti-corruption efforts, and reduce citizen tolerance of corruption.

Ukraine remains among the most corrupt countries in Europe, as ranked by Transparency International. Both grand corruption and petty corruption are rampant, affecting many facets of life in Ukraine across areas where the people and state intersect, from oligarchical influence of government to bribes for services such as education, healthcare, and law enforcement. Despite these challenges, Ukraine is working to make progress in the fight against corruption. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) funded the Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions (SACCI) Program to empower key government institutions to fight corruption effectively by filling gaps in existing legal and policy frameworks, and implementing better processes to deliver services that are accountable and transparent. USAID selected Tetra Tech to work closely with several ministries to assess their needs in fighting corruption, assist them in identifying and implementing reforms, monitor performance, and communicate these anti-corruption reforms to citizens.

A 2015 USAID-funded assessment (Changing Corrupt Behaviors Assessment) found three primary challenges facing Ukrainian anti-corruption reform efforts: endemic corruption, public skepticism regarding reforms, and high public expectations and waning patience. The SACCI Program builds upon USAID’s past anti-corruption work and draws upon research that concludes that citizens are likely to change their behavior if they perceive serious efforts by government to reform structures and take down corrupt officials at all levels. The SACCI Program promotes public engagement in combatting corruption and improves understanding among citizens about the costs of corruption to reduce tolerance for corruption as a norm in Ukrainian society.

To support government champions in eliminating corruption, Tetra Tech is working closely with several public institutions at the national, oblast, and municipal levels. This includes conducting comprehensive corruption risk assessments and supporting anti-corruption programming. Under the SACCI Program, we also are helping to strengthen Ukraine’s regulatory and policy framework for anti-corruption. Additionally, the Tetra Tech team is supporting the development and institutionalization of ethics and integrity training programs for public servants.

To strengthen public support for and engagement in anti-corruption efforts, the SACCI Program is building the capacity of government counterparts to more effectively communicate their anti-corruption initiatives and achievements to the public. Tetra Tech is assisting the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers in finalizing and implementing its National Anti-corruption Communications Strategy by developing a detailed Action Plan. In addition, through partnership with public institutions, we are increasing citizen participation in anti-corruption efforts, including complaint management systems and public participation in government decision-making processes. We are training national and municipal partners in using social audits and conducting public consultations to improve citizen inputs in the fight against corruption. Tetra Tech also awards grants and conducts training for civil society organizations to take a more active role in working with the government to address corruption. Through the SACCI Program, we are providing grants to support civil society organizations and mass media outlets to catalyze citizen involvement in anti-corruption reforms.

Tetra Tech is supporting national and local government and civil society partners in developing effective anti-corruption messaging and tested communication products, with the ultimate goal of decreasing tolerance of corruption. We are placing a specific focus on working with and engaging youth audiences to foster a spirit of transparency and accountability in governance in the next generation of Ukrainians through efforts such as inclusion of anti-corruption curricula in schools.

With more than five anti-corruption-related projects completed in Ukraine since 1998, Tetra Tech continues to deliver crucial services to promote transparency and accountability in all levels of government. The SACCI Program builds upon our prior work reducing corruption in government, strengthening legal frameworks and policies, and promoting active citizen engagement.