A new landfill on a peninsula extending into the center of Utah’s Great Salt Lake will help meet regional waste needs; but getting the landfill built and operating is a multi-tiered challenge. Promontory Point Resources, LLC, selected Tetra Tech to assist with all aspects of technical design services, as well as business services to support project development and subsequent ongoing operations.

The new landfill will be on a 981-acre site at the tip of Promontory Point, west of Ogden, Utah. When operations commence in 2017, the landfill will accept local waste by truck from east of the lake and industrial waste by railroad from locations around the western United States.

Overland truck access to the site will require a lengthy, roundabout route to reach the tip of the largely undeveloped 17-mile peninsula. However, an existing causeway for the Union Pacific Railroad extends in a straight line from the point to the east and west shores of the lake. Tetra Tech is designing improvements to the eastern portion of this 100-year-old causeway to create a road that will accommodate truck traffic to the landfill site, greatly reducing travel distance for local waste haulers. The widened roadway will include a 500-foot-long bridge across a storm drainage canal entering the lake from the east, and a 50-foot bridge across an inlet channel from the lake to a local minerals extraction company.

The railroad across the lake will allow delivery to the landfill from distant points. Tetra Tech’s design work includes a new, multi-track spur from the existing railroad to the landfill site, and associated off-load area for containers and gondolas. The spur also will allow export of aggregate materials. Tetra Tech–completed geotechnical studies found that the landfill site and a 1,000-acre surrounding buffer property have significant quantities of mineable rock, suitable for use as railroad ballast.

Tetra Tech has provided business services for the landfill project including strategic plan development, regulatory assistance, development of organizational structure, and waste volume procurement. Tetra Tech will also be responsible for developing the quarry and materials management plans.

Tetra Tech is helping our client meet the many challenges of this complex project. Our technical design work supports access improvements, landfill development, liner design, drainage, scales, access roads, and all ancillary facilities. Our business services are ensuring smooth and profitable operation of the landfill and quarry. The Promontory Point Landfill also will support the economic development of the surrounding region through creation of permanent, living-wage jobs and payment of a host fee to the county.