The Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihood Initiative–Central Region (CELI-Central), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is built on the premise that armed conflict and the illicit economy in Colombia are inextricably linked to a weak state presence. Tetra Tech is supporting CELI-Central activities and initiatives in 20 Colombian municipalities in four target regions.

[In] our monthly meeting at USAID (where all personnel are present) our sub-director Lawrence Rubey communicated that the Auditors told him that this had been one of the best auditing exercises in which they had ever participated. This news makes me feel extremely proud of the CELI-Central project and the whole implementation team. I’d like to extend my most sincere gratitude and congratulations to the entire team.

David Cano, USAID/Contracting Officer’s Representative

The program aims to advance U.S. Government and Government of Colombia goals related to implementing the U.S. Embassy’s Colombia Strategic Development Initiative and the Government of Colombia’s National Consolidation Plan. CELI-Central employs an integrated, geographically targeted approach as the most effective way to sustain peace, security, and development gains; reduce illicit crop cultivation and the presence of illegal armed groups; and ensure the delivery of basic state services in targeted conflict regions throughout the country.

Tetra Tech uses a highly participatory process that redefines the relationship between communities and government in areas with previously limited government presence. This process ensures that all project activities reflect the needs articulated by public institutions and the communities. Tetra Tech is focusing on improving how citizens view the state and enhancing social capital once a territory has become more secure.

Tetra Tech’s activities are linked through five major component themes:

  • Land: Examining ways to strengthen institutions and prepare them for advancing the legalization of rural property in the program’s regional implementation sites
  • Economic and rural development: Creating minimum conditions to generate sustained growth and promote further integration of the regional economy with broader national markets
  • Institutional development/strengthening: Providing crucial support to the design and regional implementation of public policies, regional development, local governance, community building, and assistance for victims of conflict
  • Social development: Bringing the state and communities closer together in the targeted communities to promote local development efforts
  • Cross-cutting initiatives: Supporting the development of the Government of Colombia’s capacity to implement quick-impact projects; build social capital; and institutionalize inclusion of gender, environment, and the traditionally marginalized populations (i.e., Afro-Colombians, indigenous groups, and youth)

To learn more about our successes on this project, please check out our Monthly Bulletin, brought to you by Zaida and Emma, CELI’s communications staff.

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