In response to growing concerns about climate change and energy independence, densely populated eastern seaboard states are looking for clean, cost-effective energy. Tetra Tech is supporting NRG Bluewater Wind’s efforts to bring clean, renewable power to eastern states in the form of offshore wind energy.

Tetra Tech is part of Bluewater’s team of offshore wind experts and has supported Bluewater in obtaining two of the first Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) Interim Policy Limited Leases for offshore wind projects.

Tetra Tech provided preliminary siting, environmental constraints, and permitting analysis for projects proposed in Rhode Island, as well as five sites along the Atlantic Coast and in the Great Lakes.

Tetra Tech also provided siting, environmental evaluation, and preliminary permitting of the Bluewater Offshore Wind Park, meteorological data collection facility (MDCF), and interconnection facilities off the New Jersey coast. The project is one of the first utility-scale wind parks in the United States to obtain a BOEMRE Interim Policy Limited Lease. It is one of the few projects to receive a development grant from the State of New Jersey.

Delaware Offshore Wind Park

Tetra Tech has been involved in all aspects of Bluewater’s proposal for the first utility-scale offshore wind park in the United States, including a 450-megawatt park in Delaware.

Delaware has implemented aggressive Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards. The state requires that a minimum of 20 percent of its electricity come from renewable sources by 2019. The proposed park could provide 12.5 percent of the state’s power needs.

The Delaware project is among the first offshore wind ventures to receive a BOEMRE Interim Policy Limited Lease and the first to obtain a Power Purchase Agreement—25 years with  Delmarva Power. Tetra Tech also helped secure a lease to place a MDCF and initiate comprehensive seasonal offshore avian surveys in the proposed project site.

Tetra Tech selected the route for the 138-kilovolt submarine underground cable, conducted a preliminary environmental resource analysis for three possible locations, and evaluated onshore constraints such as visual impact and the construction of transmission facilities to avoid sensitive biological and historical resources, as well as residential areas.

As the project moves through the leasing and environmental permitting process, Tetra Tech will continue supporting Bluewater’s scientific, regulatory, and public outreach needs.

Services provided for Bluewater projects include:

  • Critical issues analyses
  • Onshore and offshore transmission route feasibility studies
  • Regulatory permitting analysis, negotiation, and acquisition
  • Preparation of BOEMRE lease applications and federal, state, and local permits
  • Support for National Environmental Policy Act environmental permitting process