Tetra Tech’s Baseline Assessment Tool (BAToolTM) Program helps communities gauge their ability to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS). The CRS Program provides a quantifiable rating system to create an incentive for more effective floodplain management, decreasing vulnerability to flooding and increasing community resiliency.

Facing rising flood insurance costs, coastal communities and other communities vulnerable to flooding increasingly are interested in the CRS program. Tetra Tech is the preeminent technical assistance service provider under the CRS program.

Tetra Tech’s BAToolTM Program provides communities with necessary feedback to determine if they are ready to proceed to the required CRS Program Community Assistance Visit (CAV) audit. The CAV, which is conducted by state or Federal Emergency Management Agency regional offices, confirms good standing and full compliance with NFIP minimum requirements. It indicates whether the community’s programmatic floodplain management is backed by sound administrative procedures, which establish the floodplain management and community resiliency framework.

Tetra Tech’s BAToolTM Program uses 57 quantifiable, weighted questions to provide feedback to a community on their readiness to proceed with a CAV and succeed under the CRS program. The BAToolTM Program is delivered by Tetra Tech floodplain management experts with knowledge of the NFIP. 

Tetra Tech is integrating use of its BAToolTM Program into its full hazard mitigation planning program. Our teams continue to refine the scope and applicability of the BAToolTM Program to support integration of mitigation planning and effective floodplain management to reduce the impacts of flooding.

The BAToolTM Program can be easily adapted to address universal community resiliency issues on the international stage.

For more information about the BAToolTM Program, download the fact sheet or contact emergency.management@tetratech.com.