Tetra Tech’s Baseline Assessment Tool (BAToolSM) is a web-based program to help communities become more resilient to disasters.

Tetra Tech has launched the BATool Program’s Mitigation Module, an extension that helps communities, counties, states, and tribal nations manage their mitigation actions and track mitigation project success. The BATool Program provides secure, round-the-clock access to each jurisdiction’s mitigation strategy and streamlines the capture of critical elements needed to report on their progress. From project identification through implementation, the BATool Program directly supports Community Rating System (CRS) Activity 510 annual reporting and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) annual maintenance and five-year updates.

The BATool Program also can be used to assist with local plan roll-up for multi-jurisdictional and state HMPs; project grant-funding opportunity identification; mitigation investment tracking; project implementation management (e.g., CDBG-DR Action Plans); development of mitigation loss avoidance studies; and enhanced communication between federal, state, and local levels.

Tetra Tech’s BATool Program Mitigation Module provides communities access to a simple-to-use program to report progress on their mitigation actions. The program walks users through the critical elements that must be updated for each mitigation strategy and rolls up the progress into a table for CRS Activity 510 and HMP reporting.

The BATool Program features secure access based on various user roles (read-only, editing, administrator), query functionality, automated email reminders, mitigation investment tracking, and report generation for annual plan reviews (HMP, CRS, CDBG-DR Action Plans) that can be rolled-up to any level (county, state, tribe, federal). Data and reports are archived in the program for future access.

Using the program saves clients time and reduces costs by providing:

  • Convenience—Desktop login eliminates paper and automates tracking of changes
  • Easier HMP updates—Counties can track which municipalities have updated their mitigation action progress
  • Deadline management—Email reminders and report generation are automated
  • Customization—States can customize the platform to provide all jurisdictions access, which includes:
    • Technical support for local mitigation planning
    • Support for CRS, floodplain management, and community resilience goals
    • Annual plan maintenance report generation
    • Local-plan roll-up for state HMPs

Tetra Tech continues to help communities become more resilient by leveraging technology to drive results. The BATool Program has been integrated into Tetra Tech’s full emergency management and community resilience practice.

For more information about the BATool Program, download the fact sheet or contact emergency.management@tetratech.com.