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Tetra Tech formally established the governance and framework for our Sustainability Program on April 22, 2010. A governance document was issued on that date and outlines the goals for the program, the design of the council, and specific roles and responsibilities for all council members.

Sustainability Program Governance

The organizational elements of Tetra Tech’s Sustainability Council match those of company operations. Executive management leads the council and all business groups and corporate support services departments participate.

Executive Management Support

Tetra Tech’s executive management directly authorized creation of the Sustainability Council, provides final review and approval of the Tetra Tech Sustainability Plan, and reviews the progress of the company in achieving the goals and objectives of the overall program. Tetra Tech’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr. Leslie Shoemaker, leads the Sustainability Council.

Sustainability Council

In accordance with the guidance provided by executive management, the Sustainability Council leads and directs the program-related goals, objectives, tasks, communication, and tracking needs of Tetra Tech’s Sustainability Program. The council includes representatives from executive management, each of the three business groups, and each of six corporate departments: real estate, information technology, health and safety, human resources, shared services, and business development support and communications. The two additional corporate service departments—finance and investor relations—play supporting roles in our sustainability program by accounting for and disseminating information about our sustainability performance.

The council is specifically tasked with developing the goals and objectives of the Sustainability Program, reviewing the Sustainability Plan and Report Card, providing input from the business groups and corporate departments, communicating aspects of the program internally, and supporting tracking needs. The council meets quarterly to review the sustainability program.

Sustainability Plan Workgroup

Tetra Tech’s Sustainability Council is supported by a Sustainability Plan workgroup that works under the direction of the Sustainability Officer and Sustainability Council. It includes selected Sustainability Council members and support staff from Tetra Tech’s business groups. The workgroup designs specific objectives and the structure of the program; identifies associated tracking needs, data sources, and metrics; and evaluates Tetra Tech’s sustainability baseline. The workgroup will develop Tetra Tech's Web-based sustainability report.