In developing nations, establishing secure property rights is critical to improve agricultural productivity, economic growth, and natural resource management, and reduce the impacts of conflict and climate change on local communities. Tetra Tech provides program management and technical services to governments and bilateral and multilateral donor institutions to address complex property rights development challenges. Our services include effective communications and outreach, institutional capacity building, demand-driven technology, and analytical tools.

Land Policy and Legal Reform

Sound policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks for land governance are the foundation for strong property rights. Around the world, Tetra Tech provides governments with technical assistance in policy development, legal drafting and research, and implementation of policies and laws that help protect both statutory and customary property rights. We use recognized principles and approaches, such as the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure, to strengthen legal frameworks and reform policies to protect the rights of women and other vulnerable populations.

Indigenous and Customary Land Tenure

Community-owned or controlled land is common throughout the developing world but is often insecure and susceptible to dispossession. Tetra Tech supports communities to protect their land and resources—from community self-identification to boundary demarcation, participatory land use planning, and formation of representative land governance bodies.

Institutional Capacity Building

Capacity building and human resource development are now recognized as essential to strong land administration systems. Tetra Tech works with national and local government institutions to develop capacity around cadastral and land registration systems, geospatial mapping technology, and the technical and managerial skills needed to sustain effective institutions and good governance.

Land Administration

We help our clients establish legal frameworks and processes to grant local citizens formal rights to their land. Using fit-for-purpose technology, Tetra Tech collaborates with government agencies on registration, surveying, and land use planning methodologies to develop more robust information related to land.

Land Access and Resettlement

Tetra Tech uses international best practices to develop community outreach programs, policy frameworks, resettlement action plans, and compensation rules and procedures focused on land access and resettlement. Throughout this process, we consider the different tenure systems and rights found in a particular project area, as well as the special needs of women and other vulnerable groups in the involuntary resettlement process.

Dispute Resolution and Conflict Mitigation

Insecure land and property rights, climate change, and natural disasters are common root causes of conflict. These disputes are particularly prevalent in cases where women attempt to assert their rights to inherit land. Tetra Tech-run interventions help prevent, mitigate, manage, and resolve land-related conflict and disputes, working to increase the adaptive capacity of communities and reduce the risk of shocks to the community.

Responsible Minerals Trade

Tetra Tech works to transform mineral wealth into economic growth and development by improving policy and practice as it relates to mineral resource rights allocation and management. We work to build the capacity of local stakeholders—from government officials to members of mining cooperatives—to understand and implement the principles of due diligence, chain of custody, and certification. These principles are critical to sustaining a legal trade in artisanal minerals, including gold, diamonds, tin, and tantalum.

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