Tetra Tech provides expert support to strengthen justice systems in developing and post-conflict countries.

Tetra Tech uses innovative and effective approaches to strengthen justice systems in challenging environments. Drawing on decades of international experience, our experts have a thorough understanding of the justice sector operating environment in our partner countries and engage closely with institutional leadership in planning and implementing appropriate reform activities. We provide technical assistance, training, and mentoring to modernize courts, prosecution, and law enforcement functions. Tetra Tech recognizes that stronger, more efficient justice sector institutions lead to greater public trust and confidence, thereby increasing economic growth.

Tetra Tech focuses on fostering cooperation and coordination among justice sector institutions. Fragmented justice systems obstruct cohesive strategic planning and overall efficiency in the sector. Tetra Tech implements successful and sustainable interventions that bring together these often competing elements.

We focus on creating efficiency and transparency in the justice system’s foundational sectors—prosecutorial, defense, and police—to earn public respect and confidence. Introducing automation and appropriate technology can streamline court, prosecutorial, and law enforcement functions to provide greater transparency and accountability. We also provide essential, comprehensive training for institutional leadership.

Tetra Tech’s approach supports justice sector improvements including:

  • Greater efficiencies in case tracking and management
  • More rational and even distribution of caseloads and work loads
  • More efficient deployment of staff
  • Reduced case backlogs
  • Improved execution of judgments
  • Data-driven management and administrative decisions
  • More professional and comfortable working environments
  • Improved accountability to litigants as well as to the general public

Tetra Tech’s winning strategy often involves the use of pilot programs to test, evaluate, and replicate methods on a larger scale. Our teams also provide expertise to support changes to underpinning laws, rules, regulations, and policies to enable successful justice sector transformations.

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