Tetra Tech compiles best practices from our operating units and corporate service groups by means of a Sustainability Survey. This survey is used to identify sustainable practices that can be transferred enterprise-wide. This survey is also used to assess participation in our Sustainability Program.

Selected examples of these initiatives are provided below, and additional information will be highlighted on tetratech.com throughout 2016. In 2015 our employees donated more than $439,700 and more than 6,500 volunteer hours to international, national, and local charities and organizations.

2015 Social Sustainability Highlights

Supporting the Environment

In addition to providing services to help our clients address challenges related to environmental compliance, sustainable building, and other challenges, in our social sustainability efforts Tetra Tech and our employees focus on ensuring that our waters and environment are protected. 

  • During Tetra Tech’s International Bike to Work Week Challenge in 2015, 25 teams logged 8,548 miles commuting to work by bike, which saved approximately 427 gallons of gas and kept 8,549 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere
  • Employees from our Houston, Texas, office participated in the 2015 National Public Lands Day—the largest, single-day volunteer effort to clean up public lands in the United States
  • Our Bothell, Washington, office actively participates in composting throughout the year, diverting approximately 5 gallons of waste per week
  • Tetra Tech’s San Diego, California, office has modernized elevators that result in energy savings of 20 to 30 percent by using smart technology that learns the building’s usage patterns
  • Employees from Tulsa, Oklahoma, volunteered their time to pick up trash for the City’s 23-acre Leake Park in 2015 as part of an ongoing partnership to keep the playground, trail, pond, woods, and drainage areas clean
  • Tetra Tech employees from our Camarillo, California, office volunteered their time to assist with spring planting for a local community garden that donates its harvests to food banks and community members and empowers people to grow their own food
  • Tetra Tech’s Belo Horizonte, Brazil, office actively participates in paper recycling, diverting approximately 1,500 kilograms of paper from the waste stream in 2015
  • Our Perth, Australia, office completely replaced disposable cups, plates, and cutlery with reusable tableware, saving approximately 67,200 disposable items per year

Supporting our Local Communities

Tetra Tech offices give back to their local communities through financial, in-kind, volunteer, and pro bono activities.

  • Tetra Tech raised more than $27,200 for the Alzheimer’s Association thanks to efforts by employees from our offices in Denver, Colorado; Stuart, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; Morris Plains, New Jersey; Langhorne, Pennsylvania; Oakridge, Tennessee; and Bothell and Richland, Washington
  • Employees across Tetra Tech collected and donated more than 4,100 in-kind items to charity, including clothing, books, and toys
  • Employees in Pasadena, California, volunteered at Lockheed Martin’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Careers Day to inspire and educate elementary schoolers about science related fields and careers; performed a watershed activity; and donated 140 copies of Tetra Tech’s children’s book, Future Engineering: The Clean Water Challenge
  • Employees across the company helped restore local habitats by volunteering for river cleanups in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta; Atlanta, Georgia; Marlborough, Massachusetts; Germantown, Maryland; Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; San Antonio, Texas; and Seattle, Washington

Supporting Communities around the World

Tetra Tech’s support of international and national charitable organizations is focused on meeting basic human needs such as access to clean water, a healthy environment, and educational opportunities.

  • Tetra Tech employees in the United States and Canada hold leadership roles with Engineering Without Borders chapters and have provided leadership, strategy, teaching, and planning to student projects
  • Our Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3) collaborated with Victoria University Kampala in Uganda to create an internationally accredited institute that can provide proper training and courses for public-private partnership certification to serve the East African region, eliminating the need for public sector practitioners to travel to Washington, DC
  • Through an ongoing relationship established in 2006 with Partners in the Horn of Africa, Tetra Tech EBA raised more than CAD$36,000 in 2015 to cover two years of operations to fund the Debre Markos Girls group Home in Ethiopia
  • Tetra Tech’s project team in Afghanistan, in close collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development, launched the Afghan Women Internship Program. This program brings in four female students in their final year of engineering training to join our project team for year-long, hands-on training. This internship provides women in Afghanistan professional and practical training and helps promote gender equality
  • Our Santiago, Chile, office collects all of their used paper and donates the paper to a local charity which recycles the waste and uses the funds received to provide social activities for local children in need
  • Our San Juan, Puerto Rico, office employees worked to develop and implement the Environmental Protection Agency’s Trash Free Waters pilot program in Puerto Rico