Tetra Tech supports farmers to access a wide range of services that will enable them to grow sustainably from subsistence to commercial agriculture.

Tetra Tech works with both public and private stakeholders to improve access to, adoption of, and sustainable use of quality agricultural inputs (seeds, plant protection products, and fertilizer), as well as critical farm services, such as extension services, custom tillage, output marketing, aggregation and storage, microfinance, and veterinary supplies and services.

For sustainability, we favor commercial systems for delivering inputs and services and have developed a range of retail and wholesale business models, including Farm Service Centers (FSCs) and agro-dealers, to serve smallholder farmers. We also recognize the important role of the public sector in research, extension, legal and regulatory enforcement, and the business enabling environment. 

To strengthen the operations of service-providing enterprises, Tetra Tech builds the financial management and marketing skills of managers and sales staff, while improving the technical knowledge and training abilities of on-staff agricultural professionals, such as agronomists and veterinarians. These agricultural professionals are the key to providing service with the sale, including in-store consultations, formal trainings, field days, and demonstrations. 

Tetra Tech supports wholesalers and retailers to provide instructions in the local language; train farmers in safe use of agricultural inputs; and integrate technology solutions, when possible, for dissemination of extension information, market prices, weather and climate data, and nutrition messaging. As a result, Tetra Tech facilitates the emergence of an ecosystem of small and medium enterprises, focused on serving smallholders, with products and services that continue to support agricultural development long after our direct engagement ends. 

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