As global weather patterns and climates continue to shift, there is an increasing need to adapt farming and agricultural practices to withstand ever-changing environmental conditions. By introducing drought-resistant seeds and crops into agricultural economies experiencing water scarcity, Tetra Tech is assisting countries around the world with alternative sources of both food and revenue. Our experts are conducting climate vulnerability assessments in an effort to forecast future changing conditions in agriculture-dependent areas of the world. We are also training farmers in innovative climate-resistant crop production processes to ensure that communities are food-secure and able to adapt to changing climate conditions.

Our Capabilities

  • Climate vulnerability assessments
  • Community and commercial forest management
  • Conservation agriculture and agroforestry
  • Value-chain development
  • Low-emission development strategies
  • Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation plus (REDD+)
  • Measuring, reporting, and verification (MRV)
  • Carbon finance
  • Watershed and landscape management

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