Tetra Tech, the company that has brought activated sludge process control tools to operators such as the Activated Troubleshooting Chart, the Chart of Common Activated Sludge Microorganisms, the Operations ToolSet – Activated Sludge Software, and the Bacteriological Stain Kit, now brings to you the Ciliated Protozoa Micro-Identification Keys.

This all new set of four color-coded flowchart keys allows users to identify the ciliated protozoa in their activated sludge mixed-liquor samples. The keys cover the following categories: Holotrichia, Peritrichia, Spirotrichia and Suctoria.

Tetra Tech’s Ciliated Protozoa Micro-Identification Keys are printed on water and chemical-resistant, 11" x 17" synthetic paper and are packaged in a protective folder. The keys are available for $27.50 plus shipping and handling.