Tetra Tech’s range of services encompasses the full spectrum of high-performance building design and construction. Our work crosses every building market—from commercial and residential buildings, to government facilities, to local community infrastructure projects. Our exceptionally talented professionals, scientists, technicians, and builders have been delivering high-performing buildings for more than 40 years.

Commercial and residential buildings: Tetra Tech has improved the bottom line of buildings, providing new or upgrading outdated building systems, designing energy-efficient envelopes, maximizing and integrating local micro-climates effectively, and reducing waste generated from our projects.

Federal facilities: Tetra Tech's award-winning high-performance buildings solutions support the U.S. federal government worldwide. They help improve the daily lives of U.S. federal government personnel and their families.

Infrastructure for local governments (city governments and provincial, municipal, and ministry installations): Tetra Tech delivers integrated cost-saving designs for industrial buildings, public and educational facilities, utility infrastructure, and treatment facilities.


Using energy more efficiently provides significant returns on investments and enhances a facility’s useful life. Our services cover the spectrum of energy use, from planning and design of efficiency solutions, to measurement, verification, and retro-commissioning.

Passive Water and Wastewater Systems

High-performance solutions consider all energy implications and associated costs and benefits. Our water and wastewater solutions recover and reuse water, nutrients, and energy at the building and neighborhood scale.

Better Working Environment and Functionality

Integrating designs that maximize passive systems, micro-climate benefits, and highly efficient mechanical and electrical solutions, Tetra Tech delivers high performance building environments conducive to greater tenant satisfaction, productivity, and quality of the workplace.

New Life for Old Buildings

Energy-saving technology and building material innovations bring new life to older buildings. Flexible systems, components, and controls deliver greater building functionality, usage, and usable life.

Building with High Performance

Our buildings are constructed with less waste, greater recycled content, and minimal air-borne pollutants. They support local industry procurement to limit excessive transport. Coupled with our commissioning efforts and ongoing metering, our facilities are built for higher performance.


Tetra Tech is a single source for design and construction. Our design-build services provide a more seamless performance by architects, engineers, and contractors; earlier knowledge of actual project costs; better cost containment throughout; fewer change orders; and a more streamlined procurement process. This unified effort delivers greater value to owners and developers.

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