Tetra Tech provides expert support to promote transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption reforms in developing and transitioning countries

Tetra Tech has broad expertise developing and implementing programs to improve the rule of law by combatting corruption and fostering government transparency and accountability. Partner countries that reduce corruption and increase citizens’ trust in government experience increased stability and investment and more robust economies. The United States benefits from fewer conflicts and refugee movements, more stable trading partners, and better investment prospects.

Tetra Tech focuses on strengthening public sector institutions—specifically in the areas of audits, budgeting, procurement, strategic planning, and management—to decrease corruption and improve government transparency and accountability. We use innovative, e-government tools, such as online tax portals, to increase access to information and provide finance and asset disclosures. We also strengthen ethics and discipline codes and procedures to ensure that employees of the governments we work with are compliant and transparent in all of their actions, resulting in a more accountable government institution overall.

We also train government agency representatives on strategic investigation and prosecution techniques to ensure compliancy, transparency, and accountability throughout the justice process. Tetra Tech’s anti-corruption efforts are focused on public sector reform and ensuring that the public trusts their government and feel taken care of as members of their communities and nations.

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