New and existing turbine generators responsible for the production of electricity in the Kajaki Hydropower Plant

Tetra Tech Receives ACEC Massachusetts 2018 Engineering Excellence Bronze Award

Supporting the U.S. Agency for International Development Kajaki Dam Hydropower Plant expansion project in Afghanistan

Tetra Tech employees show how they save plastic with reusable bags and bottles

Tetra Tech Examines Its Plastic Use for World Environment Day

Supporting environmentally responsible actions and sustainability in our daily operations

Driving Decisions with Data Dashboards

Driving Decisions with Data Dashboards

Harnessing the power of data throughout the project life cycle

EnergyNet Africa Energy Forum

EnergyNet Africa Energy Forum

Tetra Tech works with clients to improve the energy sector’s performance, both in terms of enterprises and regulation, and to integrate renewable and other low-carbon-generation options into the energy mix. Visit Tetra Tech at Booth 1 to learn more about our energy services. For more conference information, visit the Africa Energy Forum.

Group of community members that make up the municipality, “La Junta,” which is responsible for maintenance of the water

Tetra Tech’s Engineers Without Borders Tranquilla Norte Water Supply Project

Supporting the development of a sustainable water distribution system for a rural community in Panama

Tetra Tech’s #TtInspires campaign provides insight into the passion and shared values of teams across our sectors.

Tetra Tech International Development Services Launches #TtInspires Campaign

Showcasing our international development employees and the inspiration that powers them

Tetra Tech’s Melbourne, Australia, office celebrates Superhero Daughter Day

Tetra Tech Continues to Advance STEM around the World

Sharing our passion to help students spark an interest in science and engineering in 2018

SBA 2018 Dwight D. Eisenhower Award

Tetra Tech Wins SBA Los Angeles District’s 2018 Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence

Receiving recognition for excellence in the use of small businesses that drive California’s economic growth

Tetra Tech’s Safety Month 2018 – No One Gets Hurt

Tetra Tech Recognizes June as Safety Month

Sharing safe practices and taking a proactive approach to ensure that no one gets hurt

Patrick Fournier accepted the Léonard Award in the Environment category on behalf of Tetra Tech.

Tetra Tech Wins Léonard Award at “Grands Prix du génie-conseil” in Quebec

Receiving recognition for our environmental mitigation and rehabilitation work in Port Jervis