To increase the recreational amenities available to local residents, the City of Mountain View, California, wanted to develop a sports park on a historic landfill within the Shoreline at Mountain View Regional Park facilities. The property is located adjacent to a golf course on a historic landfill and a fully developed industrial park that is home to Google’s global headquarters.

Tetra Tech provided geotechnical engineering, planning, design, and permitting support services for the development of the Shoreline Athletic Fields at Mountain View. Successful execution of work required balancing several interrelated factors, including protection of the integrity of the existing landfill cover system, continuation of measures to control the migration of landfill gas, design of a building protection system to properly vent landfill gas, accommodation of landfill settlement, protection of the Western Burrowing Owl’s habitat, and development of a first-class athletic field.

Landfill surfaces are prone to differential settlement. Tetra Tech took special care when designing structures and foundation systems to be built over the waste limits, using an iterative process to define and analyze conceptual alternatives for proposed project features. Tetra Tech solicited public input during the process and the proposed layout was also reviewed to ensure compatibility with city traffic circulation, safety, and sustainability plans.

The selected use for the property includes a lighted, synthetic turf soccer and lacrosse field, along with a softball diamond with fences, playground, concession building, passive and active open space, minimal hardscape, benches and tables, parking with a drop-off area, and open areas dedicated to owl foraging habitat.